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Equipment Partnership

Precious Plate has a close working relationship with our sister company, Precision Process Inc. logo

Precision Process has designed and installed reel-to-reel selective electroplating systems worldwide. Their large, modern facility is equipped with the latest in machining and fabrication equipment, and is staffed with an experienced team of engineers and technicians. 

Experience and expertise mean cost-effective solutions for you

Broad technical expertise, innovative design concepts, and dedication to customer satisfaction produce intelligent, cost-effective solutions to your electroplating process challenges.  At Precision Process, as at Precious Plate, there are “No Limits”.

Partnership for success

By working in conjunction with Precision Process, Precious Plate maintains our position as the technical leader in selective electroplating processes, including selective spot plating, selective stripe plating, tin reflow, two-sided square pin plating and additive masking plating, to name a few.

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