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Plating Capabilites

Reduce the Cost of Gold Plating with Selective Plating from Precious Plate

Precious Plate is conscious of the volatility of gold pricing and will work with you to limit the amount of gold used in any gold plating process. We understand your need to be selective with gold plating and will adapt our selective spot and selective stripe processes so that gold is restricted to the minimum functional area.

Precious Plate knows industrial gold plating

Precious Plate works extensively with manufacturers in a variety of industries to gold plate electrical contacts and other highly specialized parts. Our engineers know how to look at a project and provide the most efficient, cost effective process available.

More about the gold electroplating process

Gold is the ultimate precious metal for electrical contact plating. For that reason, the electrodeposition of gold is used extensively in electrical component applications such as electrical contacts, connector pins, switches, sensors and many others for which repeated physical contact occurs.

  • Gold will not form surface oxides
  • Gold conducts low voltage currents for long periods of time without corrosion or failure
  • Gold provides good wear resistance, especially when combined with cobalt or nickel

Precious Plate offers:

  • Hard gold plating – gold alloyed with trace amounts of cobalt or nickel for durability in connectors
  • Soft gold plating – for applications that require purity
  • Wire bondable gold – ultra-pure 24-karat gold plating

Processes for gold plating:

Contact us to discuss your custom industrial gold plating project today!