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Plating Capabilites

Nickel Plating & Copper Plating - Providing an Exceptional Underplate

Typically, nickel plating and copper plating are applied as an undercoat for gold, palladium, silver, and tin. These under-plates contribute to the performance of the total coating by improving corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and solderability, and by limiting the potential diffusion of base metal elements into the surface layer during downstream thermal excursions.

Precious Plate understands the importance of quality underplating

We are diligent in providing exceptionally pure undercoats of nickel and copper. Failure to do so can cause significant issues with long term product performanceConsequently, Precious Plate ensures all copper electroplating and nickel electroplating processes are continually filtered, purified, and analyzed to guarantee a contaminant free deposit.

Why consider nickel electroplating?

Precious Plate undercoats most parts with nickel. Nickel plating offers excellent corrosion and wear resistance and acts as an exceptional barrier in preventing migration of base material components into the gold, palladium, or other metals. Nickel under-plating or pre-plating is also a key step for tin whisker growth mitigation.

Benefits of nickel plating

  • Nickel offers corrosion protection
  • Nickel is wear resistant
  • Nickel provides a good barrier between base material and precious metals
  • Nickel aids in mitigating the growth of tin whiskers

Copper electroplating provides an exceptional undercoat

Copper is another commonly used under-plate. Copper adheres well to a variety of different base materials as well as to the subsequent plated metal. Copper also is an excellent conductor of both heat and electricity, making it popular for many engineering applications.

Benefits of copper electroplating

  • Copper is an excellent conductor of both heat and electricity
  • Copper provides a good barrier between base material and subsequent deposits.
  • Copper adheres well to many other metals
  • Copper is ductile

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