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Reduce Plating Costs with Selective Spot Plating

Manufacturers of connectors, capacitors, and other electrical components continuously search for innovative ways to reduce costs. 

Limiting precious metals, such as gold and palladium, to critical locations greatly reduces the amounts used during the electroplating process, thereby reduces costs. Constantly escalating prices of gold, palladium, silver, and other metals have made precious metal conservation essential.

With selective spot plating, Precious Plate will engineer gold, palladium, or silver plating processes to your specific plating needs, achieving significant savings over standard selective plating processes.  We utilize the unique selective spot plating equipment designs provided by our sister company, Precision Process Inc. 

Using proprietary technology, Precious Plate can apply spot placement of +/- .004 (0.1 mm), on location, with a repeatable progression at full-line speed. We can plate one side or both sides of a part and will work with your designers and engineers to optimize precious metal consumption.

Selective spot plating on flat-stock

With the addition of a pilot hole, Precious Plate has the capability to apply discrete spots on pre-plated unstamped flat-stock.  This technique is especially useful when selective gold deposits are required in recessed areas that may be difficult to selectively plate after stamping.

Selective spot plating for tin and tin/lead platingspot plating service

Selective spot plating is also suitable for tin and tin/lead plating where finished parts require over-molding. The minimization of the plated area significantly reduces migration of melted tin and tin/lead that may cause electrical shorts. 

Why selective spot plating?

It reduces precious metal consumption, which reduces overall precious metal costs.

Metals used with selective spot plating

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