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Plating Capabilites

Silver Plating - An Alternative to Precious Metals

Manufacturers in the automotive and connector industries continually search for ways to reduce precious metal costs.

The electrodeposition of silver is often a viable, cost effective alternative to gold plating and palladium plating. Precious Plate currently offers several silver plating processes including selective spot and selective stripe.

Precious Plate understands the silver plating process

We understand the complexities of working with silver and will help design silver plating processes specific to your needs. In addition, we offer anti-tarnish treatments and nitrogen infused packaging to reduce the effects of oxidation.

More about silver and silver plating

While silver doesn’t offer all the qualities of gold or palladium, it does provide a cost effective alternative in many customer applications. When cost is the issue, silver plating offers an excellent solution.

Benefits of silver plating

  • Silver is a cost effective alternative to gold and palladium plating
  • Silver has the highest electrical conductivity of all precious metals
  • Silver is corrosion resistant
  • Silver has good solderability

Processes for silver plating

Contact us to discuss your custom industrial silver plating project today!