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Welcome to Precious Plate

Precious Plate offers a wide variety of selective plating services tailored to the unique plating requirements of worldwide manufacturers of electronic components that include connectors, contacts, and pins.

You’re selective; so are we

We customize our electroplating equipment and plating services to the specific needs of our customers. Precious Plate’s reel-to-reel electroplating equipment and selective plating services can deposit metals with extreme precision, thus reducing the amount of precious metal used in the plating process and ultimately the cost to the customer.

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Precious Plate is ISO 9001:2008TS 16949:2009ISO 14001:2004 certified - ensuring quality selective plating services that continually meet or exceed the specifications of manufacturers worldwide.

Latest News




Precious Plate Heading to Battery Show in Sunny Florida!

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Stop and say hello - we will be in Booth 411.




Precious Plate Rewards Longevity

Annual appreciation lunch for milestone employees

To show our appreciation for employment milestones, Precious Plate takes employees who have hit one out to an annual lunch. This year we went to Chef's Restaurant. Pictured is a part of the group who were able to attend the lunch.

Chef's lunch attendees

Here is everyone to date! Congratulations and THANK YOU!

  • Dave Barry - 5 years
  • Jonathan Taylor - 10 years
  • Kathy Price - 5 years
  • Alton Lewis - 5 years
  • Mark Schmidt - 30 years
  • Charles Calhoun - 5 years
  • Chris Sodano - 5 years
  • Traci Johnson - 5 years
  • Stu Haag - 5 years
  • Brian Krzyskowski - 20 years
  • Bob Reed - 25 years
  • Doug Behm - 5 years
  • Nick Jankowski - 5 years
  • Pete Gratien - 5 years
  • Hermilo Leon - 5 years
  • Paul Hutchinson - 15 years

Metal Pricing
As of February 25, 2015

• Gold: $1298.82
Palladium: $906.00
Silver: $19.88
Tin: $8.21
Nickel: $6.47
• Copper: $2.60


Precious Plate is committed to minimizing our environmental impact.

Please click here to see our full statement: Environmental Policy