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Palladium Plating - The Affordable Alternative to Gold Plating

Palladium plating and palladium/nickel plating offer the best, cost-reducing alternative to gold plating for selective plating of electrical contacts, connectors, pins, and other interfaces. Palladium is harder than most gold deposits, is non-oxidizing, has great resistance to corrosion, and has excellent wear resistance properties.

Palladium plating and palladium/nickel plating from Precious Plate

Precious Plate offers selective palladium plating and palladium/nickel plating with its selective stripe, selective spot, and two-sided square pin plating processes. We will customize our palladium plating lines to meet your specific plating needs, which will drastically reduce the amount of palladium required, thereby reducing your plating costs.

Why Palladium electroplating?

More and more manufacturers are turning to the electrodeposition of palladium as an alternative to gold plating. As a precious metal, palladium offers many of the same benefits of gold but with distinctive cost benefits:

  • Palladium is more affordable than gold
  • Palladium is often alloyed with nickel (Ni), further reducing precious metal usage
  • Palladium is harder than most gold deposits
  • Palladium is extremely corrosion resistant

Processes for palladium and palladium/nickel electroplating:

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